Enter The Glam Squad Makeup

Sheila's Large Company Workshop


These workshops are designed to complement a company's professional look and training. You will improve your employees professional appearance while helping build self-confidence. At Makeup By Sheila we make makeup and we have teach Makeup! There is only one real professional makeup maker. Once you’ve successfully completed the Pro Makeup Workshop you will feel empowered.

Professional Makeup Lessons In Houston


Houston\\\'s best professional makeup artist and hair stylist, Sheila is a mobile makeup artists and hair stylists. Sheila can teach you makeup application lesson they are personalized and designed to create a simple, step-by-step plan using the tip and tricks of professional makeup artists to create makeup routines that keep you looking and feeling great every day of the week!

The Proof Is In The Pretty: Before And After


Need a new look? Well, you can enhance your looks with just a little touch of makeup. With the correct use of makeup, you can make an extreme difference. These women found their hidden true beauty, and so can you! See our impressive virtual before and after makeup makeovers here!
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